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January 8, 2013
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Heavy Breathing by RussFairchild Heavy Breathing by RussFairchild
This is my entry for the Mama Scared Stiff Contest.

Lil bit about the piece: I had plenty of nightmares as a child, but there was always a common factor with most of them; ragged, scratchy, heavy breathing. Didn't matter if I was swimming in the dream, being chased, what have you, there was always a demon/creature that would come up close behind or near me and all I would hear is the the breathing. I'd turn around real slowly, the tension and fear building in the dream, and these black, soulless eyes would be right up close to my face. Then it would lunge at me, it's teeth and black mouth swallowing my vision. Naturally, I would wake up gasping, panting, in a cold sweat, and yes, sometimes crying.

That being said, the scariest times for me as a child were when I would have these dreams and the next week before I went to sleep each night the dream was all I would think about. I have a very strong imagination, hard to control sometimes, and I could swear as I was trying to sleep i would hear a creek in the floor boards or hear a rustle in the corner. I would sleep facing the wall, trying to shut it all out, but sure enough i would hear something, even the breathing, and I would turn around, almost positive I would see this guy or something like it, right at the edge of the bed. Never saw anything though, to the benefit of my sanity.

Thank you for viewing!

This piece was all Graphite and pen, with small digital adjustments to brightness and contrast. I used photos of my room as reference.
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hadn't seen this one, outstanding!
Holy Shit!
That looks really creepy!
Great Work!
lol awesome. I actually avoided this piece for a couple weeks because when i would look for ispiration, all the memories of nightmares would come back!
Well, it rreached the right affect!
Wish you well in the contest!
WorldOfTaco Jan 21, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Great. Nightmare Land Ahoy...
Terrifying and beautifully (ahem) executed.
Bansheeda Jan 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
what i drew was a little gargoyle that kind of has feline features to it, here't the link if your interested in seeing it
Bansheeda Jan 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
haha! i love it! it's creepy, but yet i find it kind of cute, like he's curious. ^,.,^ and the detail is amazing!
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